Double Savage is a 2D Shooter Platformer game where you collaborating with an AI to be the strongest duo!


  • AI assistant (You can ask your AI to help you pick something or attack an enemy)
  • Chatter (Will be improved more soon)


A/D to move left or right

W to Jump

Left click to shoot

Q to call AI and stay by your side (this is useful if the AI stuck)

Q (Again) to let AI help you (Picking item or shooting enemies)


If the AI stuck, press Q to call him so he will come to you. 




Sound Effect

  • SFXr


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Fun game, i liked the companion :)

Thank you for playing! :D


I dont really like how I sometimes just sit and wait for the robot to help me, but the graphics and stuff are great.

Thank you for the feedback! :)